New rules for: resuming touristic traveling, Covid-19 tests on arrival

Undoubtedly you all have noticed the relaxations for business travellers to Japan that have been implemented over the last few weeks.
We are glad to welcome business travelers from Austria again in Japan and hope that further relaxations will also do away with the ERFS registration and visa requirement etc.

Austria made it onto the “blue” list of the next round of relaxations, meaning:
*after June 1: people coming for business or returning travellers coming from Austria to Japan will no longer need to take a Covid-19 test upon arrival in Japan
(ERFS registration and visa as well as the pre-departure PCR test are still necessary!)

*after June 10: tourists from Austria will be able to come to Japan as long as they book with a Japan based travel agency (that agency has to provide the ERFS registration for the tourist which in turn is needed for the mandatory visa)

As some of you might receive requests from your Austrian headquarter or business partners, please be reminded of our website detailing out the entry requirements for travelers to Japan.
Detailed information is available in German at:
We also included a number of hints regarding the use of the fast track system and the respective app.

Please feel free to forward this information to your Austrian (or foreign counterpart). For any questions they might have, we welcome respective inquiries to

From the experience with business travellers we have so far, the registration system seems to work very well.
Most inquiries are handled within a few business days. Also visa proceedings at the Japanese embassy in Vienna are running smoothly but do allow several days for handling, picking up the passport etc.