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COVID-19: measures and information – Flights, Traveling and Visa


This post provides a short overview of hopefully useful links to assess the COVID-19 situation. Please refer to the below links to get updated information regarding the individual topics. 

Flights, Traveling, Visa and Others

Flight schedule Japan-Europe for the Lufthansa Group

  • Special one way fares via online channel and via local service center in Tokyo of Lufthansa as of July 7, 2020

Lufthansa (Frankfurt – Haneda)

LH717 Dep Haneda: 14:05 Arriv Frankfurt: 19:25

  • till Oct. 31 every MON/THU/SAT

Lufthansa (Haneda – Frankfurt)
LH716 Dep Frankfurt: 14:30, Arriv. Haneda: 09:05 (next day)

  • till Oct. 31 every WED/FRI/SUN

Lufthansa (Haneda – Munich)
LH715 Dep Haneda: 09:05 Arriv Munich: 13:45

  • temporarily cancelled till 28 Sep
  • till Oct. 31 every TUE/FRI/SUN

Lufthansa (Munich – Haneda)

LH714 Dep Munich: 12:40 Arriv Haneda: 06:50 (next day)

  • temporarily cancelled till 30 Sep
  • till Oct. 31 every MON/THU/SAT

SWISS (Narita – Zurich)
Dep Narita: 10:25 Arriv Zurich: 15:35

  • till Sep. 30 every WED/SAT
  • till Oct. 31 every MON/WED/SAT

LX160 Dep Zurich: 22.40, Arriv. Narita: 17.20 (next day)

  • till Sep. 30 every MON/THU
  • till Oct. 31 every MON/THU/SAT

Also when transiting through other countries, check these travel restrictions.

In order to avoid quarantine when entering Austria, a recent negative PCR test is necessary. The airport in Vienna is now offering such PCR tests, results available within three hours. More information available at the Vienna airport website.

Updated information regarding the travel and entry to Austria is available at the website of the Austrian Embassy in Tokyo.

Visa and entry requirements for Japan:

Japan has suspended visa free entry to Japan for Austrian (and many other European nationals) for business or tourism. Hence, all Austrian visitors to Japan need a visa for entry. This suspension is extended month by month, no change in sight.

Important: any visa issued by Japanese embassies or consulates in Europe before March 20 has been declared invalid. Visa issuance after March 21st is de-facto not happening. Travelling from Austria to Japan e.g. for installation, client visits etc. is therefore currently not possible.

For Austrians legally residing in Japan but currently outside of Japan or planning to leave with intention to return to Japan:

Returning to to Japan is extremely limited and possible essentially only to (a) people who had been abroad, when the measures were enacted, or (b) for people who leave for special humanitarian reasons and clarify with the immigration office beforehand.
The above also applies only to holders of a permanent residence status, a spouse of Japanese national or spouse of permanent resident status, or long-term residence status (teijusha)
In Japanese Original: 「永住者」,「日本人の配偶者等」,「永住者の配偶者等」,「定住者」

For Austrians currently in Japan with a valid residence title:
As long as you are not leaving Japan, your right to residency in Japan is not affected. For anyone here in Japan on a short term visa (travel, business) and whose visa is going to expire, Japanese authorities will issue a 90day extension upon application. In one instance, proof of flight cancellation or a valid return ticket has been requested. Make sure to contact your immigration office, also contact the Austrian Embassy and keep them informed about your whereabouts.

English information available HERE


Further COVID-19 information about:

Economic Counter-Measures in Japan

Flights, Traveling and Visa


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