COVID-19: measures and information – Flights, Traveling and Visa

This post provides a short overview of hopefully useful links to assess the COVID-19 situation. Please refer to the below links to get updated information regarding the individual topics.

Flights, Traveling, Visa and Others

Flight schedule Japan-Europe for the Lufthansa Group
Information – 2021 summer timetable (31 March to 31 October, as of 15 March 2021, subject to change):

Austrian (Narita – Vienna)

Flt. No. From To Period Frequency Day of Week
OS052 Narita 11:05 Vienna 16:05 31MAR, 07APR and 10APR
14APR-30MAY 2/week WED/SUN
01JUN-01JUL 3/week TUE/THU/SAT
02JUL-29OCT 5/week except MON/SUN
OS051 Vienna 13:20 Narita 07:25+1 29MAR, 05APR and 08APR
12APR-28MAY 2/week MON/FRI
31MAY-30JUN 3/week MON/WED/FRI
01JUL-28OCT 5/week except SAT/SUN

During Olympic / Paralympic Games, following additional flights are operated;

– OS052 on 17JUL, 09AUG and 06SEP

– OS051 on 18JUL, 08AUG and 05SEP


Lufthansa (Haneda – Frankfurt)

Flt. No. From To Period Frequency Day of Week
LH717 Haneda 14:05 Frankfurt 18:55 31MAR-02MAY 3/week WED/FRI/SUN
04MAY-30MAY 5/week except MON/SAT
18:45 01JUN-27JUN 5/week except MON/SAT
29JUN-30OCT daily daily
LH716 Frankfurt 17:50 Haneda 12:15+1 30MAR-01MAY 3/week TUE/THU/SAT
03MAY-29MAY 5/week except FRI/SUN
18:15 31MAY-26JUN 5/week except FRI/SUN
28JUN-30OCT daily daily


Lufthansa (Haneda – Munich)

Flt. No. From To Period Frequency Day of Week
LH715 Haneda 12:05 Munich 16:45 17APR-29APR 3/week MON/THU/SAT
12:10 16:50 01MAY-31MAY 3/week MON/THU/SAT
12:35 17:15 03JUN-10JUL 5/week except WED/SUN
12JUL-21AUG 6/week except WED
23AUG-30OCT 5/week except WED/SUN
LH714 Munich 16:05 Haneda 10:15+1 16APR-30APR 3/week WED/FRI/SUN
16:15 10:25+1 02MAY-30MAY 3/week WED/FRI/SUN
16:40 10:50+1 02JUN-11JUL 5/week except TUE/SAT
12JUL-15AUG 6/week except TUE
16AUG-29OCT 5/week except TUE/SAT


Lufthansa (Chubu – Frankfurt)

Flt. No. From To Period Frequency Day of Week
LH737 Chubu 09:55 Frankfurt 15:10 03JUN-28OCT 3/week TUE/THU/SUN
LH736 Frankfurt 14:05 Chubu 08:30+1 02JUN-30OCT 3/week MON/WED/SAT


Lufthansa (Kansai – Munich)

Flt. No. From To Period Frequency Day of Week
LH743 Kansai 09:15 Munich 14:05 02MAY-30MAY 3/week TUE/FRI/SUN
01JUN-29OCT 5/week except THU/SAT
LH742 Munich 12:30 Kansai 06:45+1 01MAY-29MAY 3/week MON/THU/SAT
31MAY-30OCT 5/week except WED/FRI


SWISS (Narita – Zurich)

Flt. No. From To Period Frequency Day of Week
LX161 Narita 09:45 Zurich 14:55 28MAR-11APR 3/week WED/SAT/SUN
17APR-01MAY 2/week SAT/SUN
10:25 15:35 02MAY-28MAY 3/week WED/FRI/SUN
02JUN-29OCT 5/week except THU/SAT
LX160 Zurich 22:40 Narita 17:20+1 29MAR-09APR 3/week MON/THU/FRI
15APR-29APR 2/week THU/FRI
12:55 07:35+1 01MAY-27MAY 3/week TUE/THU/SAT
01JUN-30OCT 5/week except WED/FRI

During Olympic Games, following additional flights are operated:

– LX161 on 17JUL, 31JUL and 05AUG

– LX160 on 16JUL, 30JUL and 04AUG

Updated information regarding the travel and entry to Austria is available at the website of the Austrian Embassy in Tokyo.

For Austrians legally residing in Japan but currently outside of Japan or planning to leave with intention to return to Japan:

Entering Austria

As of January, 15, 2021, 12:00 am (CET), travelers must register online before entering Austria (Pre-Travel Clearance – PTC). The electronic form is available in German and English. Additionally, Austria requires a negative PCR-test result not older than 48h upon arrival. Passengers arriving from Japan are subject to quarantine measures. Exceptions are in place for i.e. transit passengers and commuters and also people travelling due to extraordinary family circumstances. For this group of travelers, negative PCR-tests after arrival can substitute the 10-days quarantine period. For all other travelers, substitute testing becomes possible after the 5th day.

The airport in Vienna is now offering such PCR tests, results available within three hours. More information available at the Vienna airport website.

Further information is available on the website of the Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection (German only).

Updated information regarding the travel and entry to Austria is available on the website of the Austrian Embassy in Tokyo.


(Re-)Entering Japan

Japan has suspended visa free entry to Japan for Austrian (and many other European nationals) for business or tourism. At the moment, regular visa application (both short and long term stay categories) is not possible. However, foreign residents in Japan are allowed to return to Japan if they hold a re-entry permit.

Additionally, Japan has added Austria to the list of dangerous countries regarding COVID-19 mutations, hence quarantine measures upon re-entry to Japan differ. More specifically, returnees will be transferred to a dedicated facility upon arrival to Japan, where they have to quarantine for three days. On the third day, a PCR-test will be conducted. In case of a negative result, you are allowed to return to your home, where you have to quarantine for additional 11 days. In case your result is positive, you will be staying in the facility until further notice.

More information can be found on the MOFA website.