Austria: a global knowledge centre for renewable energy

Austria has helped lead the way in technology and expertise for the green energy sector, and the companies operating here enjoy an excellent international reputation.

Austria plays a key role in developing renewable energy sources, and its companies‘ research labs and development centres produce technologies whose efficiency, quality and environmental standards have proved themselves all over the world. Internationally, companies are reacting to the volatile fossil fuel prices by switching to modern energy technology based on renewable energy sources – and relying more and more on top-quality products from Austria.

Pushing forward renewable energy technology has been a real priority for Austrian companies. Alongside the environmental benefits, the ongoing development of sustainable energy technology makes a significant contribution to the economy, since renewable fuels provide solutions to key problems of environmental policy, energy management, and other issues. Whether traditional, family-run firms or innovative newcomers, a whole range of Austrian companies are making a name for themselves worldwide with their knowledge, products and services.

Whether traditional, family-run firms or innovative newcomers, there is a host of Austrian companies successfully marketing their expertise and making a name for themselves on the global markets with their products and services.