From the President

ABC President

Dear Members of the Austrian Business Council (ABC), Ladies and Gentlemen,
As new president of the ABC I would like to welcome you, however, I likewise hope that you will welcome me in this function.

Let me take this opportunity to thank my predecessor, Mr. Kurt E. Sieber who headed the ABC for more than four years for his outstanding achievements. At the same time I would also like to thank all executives and members of the ABC who have supported the ABC over the past years.

Since I arrived here in Japan in 2009 I have seen many changes in the ABC community and I am eager to develop and expand further our activities within the Japanese but also international business society.

Despite the fact that the world is getting more and more globalized and improved communication technologies bridge distances, I am convinced that personal relationships are still one of the most important values when it comes to developing successful and sustainable relations between countries and companies.
The core mission of the ABC is to develop and promote trade between Austria and Japan.  This is why the ABC provides the platform to bring people and companies together.
The cooperation with other Business Organizations provides access to various events and allows further insight into the latest developments of the Japanese business community and Japanese economy.
Beside these business related events and activities I would like to put a spotlight on our mandate for Social Welfare which is a part of the ABC’s engagement in Japan.

Please let me already welcome you to our upcoming events of which you will be informed regularly.  At the same time, I would be pleased to learn more about the requests you might want to address to the ABC.
Finally, new members are more than welcome.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the next event!

Peter Aldrian

Kurt E. Sieber,
ABC President
(2008 to 2012)

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