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Excursion: The Business of Sumo


Sumo was under fire in the media and investigated by the authorities. As one of the oldest tradition developed in its present form in the Edo period it continues to command respect in current Japan. Several hundred Sumo wrestlers all over Japan train and live in Sumo stables.

Tatsunami Stable has kindly agreed to bring us both — a glimpse of the Sumo training but also a discussion of the business environment of a Sumo stable.

Join this unique opportunity, visit a stable, have lunch with Sumo wrestlers and learn more about the business side.

Date/Time: June 8

Detailed schedule:

  • 8.19am

Departure from Akihabara to Miraidaira, Tsukuba Express, JPY 926 one way

We meet at the plattform for the 8.19am train. If you need help regarding the location, let us know beforehand.

  • 9.30am

Experiencing Sumo training plus explanations

  • 10.30am

The business of Sumo — explanations and Q&A

  • 12.00am

Joint lunch, Chanko Nabe, no vegetarian choice!

  • 1.13pm: departure from Miraidaira station to Akihabara, scheduled arrival 1.54pm


Venue: Tatsunami Stable
Meeting PointAkihabara Station, Tsukuba Express, JPY 926 one way, plattform for the 8.19am train
Participation Fee: No participation fee, only train fare
Registration: our office,, deadline for registration is May, 31.

Click here to see the event flyer.

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