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Business of Treasures Reborn / Suga-Economics Luncheon


Our next edition in the “Business of” series is open for registration!

This time is a combination of an excursion in the “Business of” series with a speaker luncheon on the new coming Suga-Administration.

The Business of Treasures Reborn is in cooperation and based on the work of exhibition curator Ms. Machiko Hoshina who will explain and guide us through “The Destruction and Rebirth of Exported Old Imari – The Tragedy of Loosdorf Castle”. Not only for lovers of Japanese porcelain but for anyone interested in how courageous and enthusiastic volunteers can salvage cultural treasures. 

For the luncheon part we are happy to welcome Prof. Dr. Sayuri Shirai speaking on the economic policies of Abe and Suga as well as the current economic challenges beyond Covid-19.

She is currently a professor of Keio University and is also senior advisor to Federated Hermes EOS (stewardship service provider) located in London. She holds Ph.D. in economics from Columbia University. She was also visiting scholar to Asian Development Bank Institute in 2016-2020.

She was a Member of the Policy Board of the Bank of Japan (BOJ) in 2011-2016, who is responsible for making policy decisions. She taught at Sciences Po in Paris in 2007–2008 and was an economist at the IMF in 1993-1998.

She is the author of numerous books and papers on a variety of subjects including monetary policies, global finance, macro economies, exchange rate systems, central bank digital currency, and cryptocurrency issues. She frequently comments on Japanese economy at CNBC, Bloomberg, Singapore CAN (Channel News Asia), and other TV programs. Her most recent book in English is Growing Central Bank Challenges in the World and Japan published by the Asian Development Bank Institute in 2017 and second edition in 2020 (free download available). Her personal homepage is available here

Part One:
10:00 “The Destruction and Rebirth of Exported Old-Imari – The Tragedy of Loosdorf Castle” – Explained by exhibition curator Ms. Machiko HOSHINA
10:45 Visit the Exhibition
11:30 Depart to “Ginza Habsburg Veilchen” (Austrian Restaurant by ABC member Shingo Kanda)

Part Two:
12:00 Speaker luncheon with Prof. Dr. Shirai on the government of Japan’s economic policies and challenges

Participation Fee:
Part One: JPY 1,500
Part Two: JPY 4,500

Please register and pay online (registration deadline: 6 Nov, 2020)
First come, first serve. The number of participants is limited to 30, we accept up to two persons per member, additional guests can be accepted to a waiting list.

We are looking forward to your registration!



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