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ABC Joint Event: BBQ with Children from Shinagawa Keitoku Gakuen


Almost tradition is the ABC BBQ with children from Shinagawa Keikoku Gakuen. The trip has gained a lot of popularity in the children home and we expect again some 7 to 12 children plus staff to attend.

If you have time and feel like spending a casual days with BBQ, swimming in a river, relaxed conversation with other ABC members.

Date: Sunday, 27th July, 2014
Place: a riverside BBQ ground in Kamemibashi, Kanagawa-ken,
You are encouraged to bring your own sheets/camping chairs. Also, have some light attire, possibly something you could walk into the river water. The river is suitable for swimming, so do not hesitate to bring swim wear.

Also, please do not hesitate to bring your own family, partners, friends, children etc. It is a great recreational spot and I am sure you will enjoy this event!

Access: you are free to use your own car or ride the bus we will charter for this trip.
The bus will make a stop at Osaki station to receive passengers.
You can find the exact location of the bus in the attached file (bus pick-up Osaki.jpg, marked with a green rectangle).

Foodstuffs/beverages: the BBQ side can prepare a BBQ set with vegetables and meat
(details: for JPY 2,000. Alternatively you are free to bring your own BBQ ingredients or bring additional foodstuffs like sausages etc. The set does not include any rice balls, bread or drinks.

Timetable (Traffic conditions could cause delays):
7.20am: Pick-up at Osaki
7.50am: Pick-up children and staff close to Nagahara station
approx. 10.00am: Arrive at base of BBQ ground -> short walk (20min) to the BBQ ground
10.30am: arrive and set up BBQ ground

approx. 16.30: get on return bus to Tokyo
19.00: drop-off at Nagahara station

Deadline: July 11, but please register as soon as possible

When registering please also inform us:
– will you ride the bus or come by car
– do you want to order a BBQ Set (JPY 2,000) or do you bring your own food

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