New rules for entering Japan

Business traveling to Japan is one step closer to normalization!

Starting with September 7th, travellers from from Austria will no longer need to show a negative pre-departure COVID test, if they have received a third vaccine shot with one of the vaccines registered in Japan.

Important: We are NOT back yet to visa-free traveling, the ERFS registration (before applying for a visa) and a visa for Japan are still required!

Traveling is still basically limited to business traveling, visiting family members or similar. Tourism is still on hold, possible only when booking a guided tour through Japanese tour operators.

All the details about entry and travel requirements to Japan for business travelers from Austria are constantly updated (in German) at the following website of Advantage Austria:

The above page also includes a number of hints regarding the use of the fast track system and the respective app.

Please feel free to forward this information to your Austrian (or foreign counterpart). For any questions they might have, we welcome respective inquiries to

From the experience of business travellers we hear so far that the registration system seems to work smoothly. Most inquiries are handled in the ERFS within a few business hours.

Visa proceedings at the Japanese embassy in Vienna are running smoothly but need several days for handling, picking up the passport etc. Also, as a physical visit to the Japanese embassy in Vienna is still a requirement, appointments for the visit should be taken early in advance.