Dear respected Members of the Austrian Business Council in Japan,
Dear ABC website Visitors,


It is my privilege to serve as president of the Austrian Business Council over the next two years. I am looking forward to meeting you all in person over the next few months!

Our ABC is developing in an extremely sustainable way and together as a club of like-minded individuals and companies to strengthen the connection with businesses in Austria, we have the competences and agility to overcome the challenges of the presence and the future in our markets but also to appeal to investors’ needs. This is the result of great collaboration and ongoing business continuity in our organization. In this respect, I would like to express my sincere thanks to my predecessor Mr. Harald Alge for his strong engagement and leadership during his presidency, which was characterized by the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic and the countermeasures against it!

Unexpected, uncertain and unprecedented, these words have become normal in our daily vocabulary since the start of the pandemic. However, businesses are adapting to this situation and are now more resilient than ever.

I am convinced that there are plenty of opportunities for post-pandemic economic growth, especially for those organizations who are agile and with a sustainable business approach.

The future will bring an ongoing wave of innovation in manufacturing and in the retail area. Software is increasingly being integrated into traditional core processes. The coming wave of connected cars for example, represents a new competitive challenge, and a major market opportunity simultaneously.

In addition, Japan’s retail sector will further benefit from a large and reliable consumer base, the unique service as well as excellent logistics.

Alongside to the global transformation in industries and next-generation technologies like “Big data”, Japan is putting her focus on environmental and sustainability matters.  Authorities are aiming to work out regulations for green growth and the promotion of SDGs.
All these factors will provide investors with confidence for future growth.

The ABC in Japan will further enhance the already set strategic directions in terms of providing support and opportunities for collaboration between Austrian companies and Japanese or foreign companies located in Japan.

Together with the ABC Executive Committee, we look forward to welcoming you to our business community at one of our events or activities. In addition to our experts providing professional support and assistance, our community shares information and leverages individual experience for the benefit of all members.

I am convinced that the ABC will continue to be an efficient and solutions-orientated platform to foster successful business relationships in Japan based on a solid foundation and the trust and respect all our members have for each other and our host country!

よろしく お願いします!

Sincerely yours,
Ivaylo Pulev

Former ABC presidents

Harald ALGE
2020 – 2022
Harald ALGE
2012 – 2020
Kurt E. Sieber
2008 – 2012
Kurt E. Sieber