The Austrian Business Council (ABC) was founded in 1996 as an association of Austrian and Japanese corporations and individuals engaged and/or interested in business between Austria and Japan. It represents the interests of the Austrian Business Community in Japan.

The objective of the ABC is to promote the development of trade between Austria and Japan by supporting the network activities of Austria-related companies in Japan. In order to achieve this objective the ABC:

  • promotes measures that benefit and protect the interests of Austrian companies in Japan
  • provides, from time to time, to its Members – Japanese as well as Austrian – information concerning company activities and related matters of interest
  • associates and cooperates with other organizations and chambers in Japan who share mutual interests
  • promotes friendship among ABC members and Japanese businesses
  • provides a base for information and contacts for the EBC

The Executive Committee is the lead body of the ABC. Its members represent wide Austrian business interests in Japan and include at least one Individual Member. The Commercial Counsellor of the Austrian Embassy – Commercial Section, Ms. Christina Schösser, is member ex officio and acts as Executive Director of the ABC.

The current ABC President is Mr. Ivaylo Pulev.

ABC is a proud member of the following organisations: